Our Chinese Real estate school and real estate industry is in cooperation and exchanges

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Our Chinese Real estate school and real estate industry is in cooperation and exchanges Empty Our Chinese Real estate school and real estate industry is in cooperation and exchanges

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According to the Chinese Real estate school of the students' training objectives and teaching plan, Chinese Real estate school very much in learning resources, environment and students in rural and urban planning management, real estate management major in strengthening practice. If you have any questions, you can visit the website www. Goodviewrealty.com.

Therefore, four years with industry, strengthen the contact, make full use of practical teaching and improve industry resources efficiency of cultivating, and Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen, zhuhai, etc that are more developed city real estate industry and government departments, enterprises and institutions, industry association was established and maintain the increasingly close relations of cooperation, has established more than 70 teaching practice base, have more than 2,000 people to these practice base enterprises to participate in practice activities. Chinese Real estate school of the characteristics of undergraduate class "cooperation agreement and have already beginning. Chinese Real estate school reference international famous universities cultivating application-oriented experience, teaching reform, a training for three years at school mode, namely, a year to learn to practice the exercise will be more effectively achieve the goal of cultivating talents with Chinese Real estate school:
Chinese Real estate school to help students through the combination of theory and practice, effectively improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability, based on the smooth realization of employment ideal, On the other hand Chinese Real estate school for enterprise continuously provide can choose talents, to realize win-win, and finally realize the Chinese Real estate school and the use of talents cultivation seamless docking.

Chinese Real estate school
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