The advantages for the SC CD/DVD duplicator compare to the others

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The advantages for the SC CD/DVD duplicator compare to the others Empty The advantages for the SC CD/DVD duplicator compare to the others

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SC CD/DVD duplicator design, specially for large capacity hard disk design, can 131072TB support disk, copying the highest speed can reach measured 7GB/min. Common 300GB disk completely copy data often need 5-6 hours or more time, and SC CD/DVD duplicator face the same size only 50 minutes drive to finish completely copy operation. With traditional hard copy and destroyed, save time and work efficiency.

The current global the SC CD/DVD duplicator of the leading source of DATA recovery equipment - efficiency of fourth-generation COMPASS DATA intelligent bad sectors (bad) read decomposition technique, SC CD/DVD duplicator can in the shortest possible time to read with 6 kinds of DATA, the way to maximize the built-in new head but take technical even hard disk has a serious defect or bad reading head height, can produce more than congener product pictures are a complete DATA access of 300% above, the unique intelligent mechanism can avoid serious defects caused because of hard disk copy duplicate work hard when losing response, the damage situation of thoroughly. If you have any questions, you can visit the website

ONE copy of ONE, absolute accuracy, SC CD/DVD duplicator guarantee each byte bit identical. Automatic detection for hard disk DCO HPA and unlock encrypted hidden area all data, Support all Microsoft, UNIX, LINUX, SUN microsystem, OS6, MAC, etc. All known operating system, SC CD/DVD duplicator FAT16 DOS, support and NTFS HFS (HFS / + etc, all standard and non-standard operation system, SC CD/DVD duplicator LBA support arbitrary position, support manual set copy partitions copy, copy positive support, backward mirror, mirror DD completely copy, hard disk copies, etc.

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